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Sweet Country

Sweet Country Synopsis:

The picture develops in Australia twenties of the last century. Black people are of no value to the white population. Their lot is to do dirty and hard work, without the right to vote on claims to the owner. Racial discrimination here blooms in a wild color, and dark people have no chance of escaping from the pitch of hell. Aborigine Sam serves faithfully to his white master. However, he refers to employees with undisguised compassion. The man allows Sam and his wife to stay in his house. Together they share a life, for which a strong black mercenary is infinitely grateful.

So one day the farm owner leaves on business. In the meantime, an unknown insolent person, who imagines himself as the arbiter of destinies, visits his house. Cynically and unceremoniously, he claims rights to his spouse Sam. The humiliated dignity of the hero does not stand up to the stranger’s boast. Therefore in a fit of emotion, Sam kills an uninvited guest. But can he find salvation in places where black is destined to fate?

Duration: 1h 53min

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