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Slender Man

Slender Man

Slender Man Synopsis:

He has no face. This is just a figure pulled into a black suit. This is the main nightmare of the film “Slender Man”. For some reason, this creature does not touch adults, pursuing only teenagers and children. No one knows what his intentions are, as he does not express them clearly. He simply pursues them until they disappear.

Then one day in Masachusetts, four teenage girls decide to perform a ritual in order to disprove the very fact of the existence of this creature. And just after that, one of the teenagers disappears. The mysterious and ominous ghost begins to pursue the rest – they see shadows on the wall, at every angle they see a monstrous figure, it seems that he is always somewhere behind. But what if it is?

Believing in copy-paste about Slendermen, girls desperately try to escape. But since no one knows what he wants, the question of how to scare him away remains completely open. It seems that the faceless long shadow is already too close to do something. Or not?

Director: Sylvain White
Country: USA
Duration: –

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