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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Synopsis:

All events in the movie “A Quiet Place” occur in the outback of Texas. It seems that the most ordinary American family lives on the outskirts of the forest. However, no one heard any sounds from their home. Due to some unpleasant circumstances, this family had to move here. So as told in the movie “A Quiet Place”, the most incredible horrible rumors circulated about this house. However, these people had no choice. The head of the family immediately noticed something amiss. Studies have given the most unexpected result. There are real monsters living in the room and it is better not to disturb them.

The father, mother and two children are forced to observe utter silence. They learned to talk among themselves with the help of special signs. Of course, children can sometimes forget the rules. There are practically no problems with my daughter because she is deaf. For boy Marcus, you have to keep an eye on him. Once upon a time a brother and sister were playing a board game. Some of them accidentally dropped a kerosene lamp on the floor. My father managed to put out the flames, but the sound of the broken glass was clearly audible. A minute later in the attic came the terrible sounds.

Director: John Krasinski
Country: USA

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