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12 Strong

12 Strong

12 Strong Synopsis:

Having started watching the film “Cavalry”, we get to know the elite division of the military, who have more experience in conducting complex and dangerous affairs. Despite their preparedness, only a few of them have been to hot spots. They all witness the tragic events of 11 September. At that moment, everyone understands that after a while the entire special purpose unit will travel to Afghanistan.

So the very next day, the leadership warns them that now they will have to fight in a hot spot, defending the interests of democracy and rebuffing the global criminal community. Once in Afghanistan, soldiers hardly adapt to a foreign country, living not only by their customs, traditions and rules, but also by laws. Furthermore they team up with secret agents of the government intelligence services and soldiers of the Northern Alliance. Only in this way will they succeed in repelling the aggressive Taliban. But to achieve the goal they have to unleash a major war. So will they be able to restore order on the planet?

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Country: USA
Duration: 2h 10min

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