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Insidious The Last Key

Insidious The Last Key

Insidious: The Last Key Synopsis:

Alice Rainer remembers her childhood. She began to see ghosts soon after the execution of the prisoner in the prison where her father worked. No one in the family took the girl’s words seriously, which was the reason for the tragedy. Then Alice tried to force the demon to leave, but could not cope with him: she had no experience of such contact and was frightened.

Currently, Rainer is studying the paranormal in the company of two colleagues. They take calls and go to the house to customers. The next customer is Ted Garza, in whose house real hell is going on. At times he tries to convince himself that this is only a figment of the imagination, but it becomes unbearable to live here. Alice finds out the shocking truth: Ted’s house used to belong to her family. After so many years, the heroine must return to the town near New Mexico and deal with the monsters of the past in the literal and figurative sense. Do Alice have the strength and strength to complete this mission?

Director: Adam Robitel
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 43min
Release:  3 January 2018

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