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The hit

The Hit synopsis:

Gorgeous, tough, unusually filmed gangster drama by the Stephen Frears, one of the leading contemporary British directors. A member of the gangster group Willie Parker, during the trial, told in detail about his involvement in the crimes and surrendered all his accomplices. They went to prison, he – to freedom, with an unclean conscience. So sooner or later retribution was to be brought to him.

And one day, ten years later, in a quietly and peacefully living in a lovely Spanish village, they came after him. Honored killer Braddock and killer trainee Myron tasked to deliver the traitor to Paris, so where he will be executed. Accidental witnesses of the action should not stay alive… However, the roads leading to Paris are long and anything can happen on the way.

Director: Stephen Frears
Country: UK
Duration: 1h 38min 

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