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Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad 2 Synopsis:

For all the time that has passed since the premiere of the first “Suicide Squad”. The film managed to collect 745 million American money. In addition to the solid film profit, she also received a lot of critical reviews. Warner took this criticism as a challenge and made the creation of the second part of the story its priority project. While fiction does not have a director, because Mel Gibson has not yet decided on a decision. The master of directing cannot decide whether to make this picture for him, or to refuse the offer of the cinema concert. In parallel, Warner is negotiating with other directors, but their names are kept under strict secrecy. A suicide squad 2 you can watch online after the premiere.

For writing the script will be responsible Adam Kozal, who created the unfortunate text for “Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory”, and a little corrected when creating “Tarzan: Legend”. By the way, in the last creation, Margot Robbie, played the role of Harley Quinn in the first “Suicide Squad”. On the score of the writer Kozal has already written Underwater – a thriller with elements of adventure, the main role in which will be performed by Kristen Stewart. In addition to these scenarios, the master pen worked on the screen version of the Bloodshot, comics from the publisher Valiant. Another scenario Kozal – spy thriller “The Gray Man” – attributed charming Charlize Theron. Release date Suicide Squad 2 has not yet been appointed.

Country: USA
Duration: –
Release: 2019

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