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Bright Synopsis:

In the alternative Los Angeles, one cannot meet anyone – elves, orcs and even centaurs live side by side with people. The elves, however, a little disdain for everyone else, so they made themselves a separate area, where the entrance only by pass. But people have to endure rude and crime-prone Orcs. So they prefer to settle in criminal ghettos.

Patrol officer Daryl Ward is forced to work in tandem with the orc cop Jacobi – she is still a big hit. Once Daryl even grabbed a bullet because of the sluggishness of his partner, so he does not trust him too much. One day, their patrol arrives at the call and discovers several corpses at the crime scene. Obvious signs of the use of magic, an elf-witness and some artifact. Since now half of the city is hunting for them, the partners will have to reconsider the degree of trust in their relationship.

Director: David Ayer
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 57min
Quality: HD
Release:  22 December 2017

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