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Black Panther

Black Panther

Black Panther Synopsis:

Somewhere in the wilds of Africa there is a small state of Wakanda. A unique metal vibranium was found on the lands of this country. It has the properties to completely absorb any vibration. So this metal is essential for the operation of the latest triangular reactors. Due to this crowds of miners of valuable raw materials rushed to Wakanda’s land. Therefore they do not reckon with local tribes, destroying everyone who bothers them. Only the sacred spirit of the savanna called the Black Panther helps the local people in their fight against the invaders.

However times change and the vibranium hunters have a new powerful weapon. Then the prince of this state T`Challa, as described in the film , decided to evoke the spirit of the savannah. For this it was necessary to conduct a complex mystical ritual. During this witchcraft action, something went wrong. So the spirit of the mighty Black Panther did not appear at the call of T`Chally. He simply moved into the body of the prince himself. Now only T`Challa in a black panther suit will be able to protect his native land. Soon the prince will enter the detachment of the Avengers, which protects the planet from the forces of darkness.

Director: Ryan Coogler
Country: USA
Release:  12 February 2018

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