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The 12th Man

The 12th Man

The 12th Man Synopsis:

The action of the film “The 12th Man” takes place in 1943, when World War II is raging in the world.

Norwegian soldiers are trained by the British to carry out a responsible sabotage mission, during which they must sabotage German airfields and installations. Twelve fighters of the Norwegian resistance, among whom was a simple guy, Jan Bolsurd, are sent on a mission, but the mission almost immediately collapses.

So, Jan, is the only survivor. However, he does not have to rejoice in his own salvation, since Gestapo employees are following him. Ahead, Jan is waiting for a very long way towards the Swedish border, as well as the struggle for survival in the harsh conditions of the snow-covered region.

Director: Harald Zwart
Country: Norway
Duration: 2h 15min 

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