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Hacker synopsis:

The hero of the film “Hacker” Alex is a young, confident guy, along with his family, moves to Canada, where his parents hope to start everything from scratch. Unfortunately, in the new place of residence, constant problems start to haunt them, along with unpleasant failures. The boy’s mother is fired from work, and soon his father becomes unemployed. In this situation, their son decides to help his parents by any means. He decides to donate money set aside for his studies, however, they are not enough to pay the bills and pay off all the debts.

And then the young man begins to look for a suitable job to help mom and dad. However, he does not find decent work. And suddenly the guy remembers his computer skills, in which he is a real professional. Without thinking twice, the boy decides to try himself in the so-called “Internet fraud”. And indeed, soon Alex’s business went up, and he began to earn pretty good money. However, the more money he earns, the more problems begin to pursue our hero, from deceived people to large and influential criminals who want to increase their own capital at the expense of Alex.

Director: Akan Satayev
Country: USA

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