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Ex Drummer

Ex drummer synopsis:

So the feature film “Ex Drummer” is a joint work of cinematographers of three countries: France, Belgium and Italy. The project was developed in the genre of criminal drama. The main character is a man named Dreze. In the past, he quite successfully engaged in music, and even played in one famous group on percussion instruments. However, like everyone else in the world, hard times have gone irretrievably. In the present, his life is boring and monotonous. Everything changes at that moment when three very strange and contradictory subjects fall on his head.

However guests who are on the doorstep of his apartment are not by chance, they introduce themselves as musicians, and offer the hero of the film “Ex Drummer” to team up and create a new team. All uninvited guests have their own specific features, as well as health problems. Because they are all disabled. However the soloist has almost nothing to hear. The bassist is a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation, and does not get along with his native father. The parent is forced to sit at home locked up, and he cannot take a single step without the permission of his son. Guitarist is a very notorious person. So the guy is unbalanced, and spends his leisure killing defenseless women.

Director: Koen Mortier
Country: Belgium
Duration: 1h 40min
Release:  31 January 2007

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