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All That Jazz

All that jazz synopsis:

The musical film “All That Jazz” is partly biographical tape, which uses some real stories from the life of its creator.

Joe Gideon is an unsurpassed master of his craft. He combines several professions and projects at once, preferring not to lose a single second and work hard. He is simultaneously engaged in the installation of his latest film and staging a major show on the Broadway stage.
The personal relationship of the director is also exciting and varied: women are attracted to him with special force, although Joe cannot be called an exemplary family man and loyal companion.

Unhealthy diet, lack of normal sleep, packs of drugs and cigarettes one after another lead to a predictable result – a heart attack. But even on the verge of Gideon is not able to change. So his deplorable state puts the producers of the musical in front of a difficult choice, where money, art and decency are mixed, or its absence.

Director: Bob Fosse
Country: USA
Duration: 2h 3min
Release:  20 December 1979

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