Next of Kin synopsis:

Two of the numerous Gates family live and work in Chicago. Truman is a policeman, and Gerald is a truck driver. To the mafia businessman John Isabella comes to Chicago, the son of Lawrence, and John identifies him in a group to the gangster Joey Rosselini, who is characterized by excessive cruelty. Soon afterwards, Joey, in the presence of Lawrence, kills Gerald Gates just because he did not stop the truck at the request of the gangsters.

Truman Gates, knowing the stern nature of his relatives and not wanting bloodshed, meets with John Isabella and asks him to give him the murderer Gerald, but receives a refusal. Truman does not have any clues, he needs to find a partner Gerald, who saw the killers. Meanwhile, one of the village Gates – Brother Brier arrives in Chicago and smashes the club of John Isabella …

Director:  John Irvin
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 48min


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