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Next of Kin

Next of Kin synopsis:

All the events of the criminal American movie “Next of Kin” will take the audience to Chicago, where two guys live a completely quiet life. They belong to the huge family of Gates. Gerald had not thought about choosing his future profession for a long time, he did not want to get a special education and sit for long evenings at the books for this reason, he realized that he would work as an ordinary driver. Now drive a huge truck and every day thinks about the mundane. At this time, his relative Truman worked in the police. A man accomplished did not want to plunge into hard physical labor and for this reason he decided to become an ordinary policeman.

He spends a lot of time patrolling the city, but sometimes he gets an opportunity and then the man investigates the crimes that have happened. Once, a native son Lawrence came to a local crime leader named John. Also the leader was able to identify his son under the guardianship of one of the gangs. It was at the hands of this leader that Gerald, who did not want to obey the orders of the intruders, suddenly perishes. So Truman was well aware that from that moment on, a completely new bloody war would begin between his family and the intruders.

Director:  John Irvin
Country: USA
Duration: 1h 48min


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