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The new mutants

The new mutants Synopsis:

So in the alternative universe of Marvel live ordinary people and super-powered humans. So there are many contradictions between them, which are the cause of various conflicts. However, mutants or X-Men have different super abilities. Some of them protect the earth from the creatures of the forces of darkness. Old heroes are often replaced by new ones.

On one of the secret bases is a group of young super-powered humans. They are looked after by Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Daniella Munstar (Mirage) can create any illusion. Bobby Dacosta (Sun Spot) is a young man who can get a charge from the sun. Rain Sinclair (Wolf) is able to turn into a strong invincible beast. Sam Guthrie moves with incredible speed. Ulyana Rasputina (Magic) is very dexterous and able to know any science. Also her brother is famous among the mutants Kollos.

Often comes to the center mentor – Storm, which teaches children to properly own their incredible abilities beyond. So at the base reigns tough discipline, which not everyone likes. Therefore, according to the plot of the film “The New Mutants”, this group will have to fight with a dark force capable of destroying all living things. So let’s see how they will handle it..

The main roles are played by Anya Taylor-Joy, Macy Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zag, Blue Hunt and Alice Braga.


Director: Josh Boone
Country: USA
Duration: –
Release: 2 August 2019

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