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The Commuter

The Commuter

The Commuter Synopsis:

tells the story of a businessman who made the wrong choice. However, it all started very suddenly, when a man returned home from work. It was at that moment that he was drawn into a real conspiracy, the culprit of which is the most famous criminal elements of the city. The case takes an unexpected turn, and the life of the protagonist is in great danger. Only now the blow will have not only to the businessman, but also to his loved ones and friends, everyone with whom he has contacted.

All the fault was the one and only mistake, which canceled all that had been done until that moment. The attempt to escape for the hero of The Commuter (2018) was not a success. Now he only needs to fight for his future, which is under threat. Events develop too fast and a new wrong decision can lead to even greater problems. Will the main character get out of the situation? The chances of winning are less and less like time. But, there is still an opportunity to turn everything around, to resolve the conflict. You just need to answer it. Watch a movie online in good quality on our website. What will solve the current difficult situation?

Country: USA
Duration: 1h 45min
Release:  12 January 2018

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