Father Eggsee died while performing a dangerous assignment abroad. He saved his comrade, Harry Hart, by his act. Both worked in the secret intelligence organization Kingsman. A boy who lost his father, became a rebel, trying to resist imperious stepfather.

Illegal tricks led to a meeting with a colleague of a deceased parent. The one, wishing to give a chance to get out of the binding, sent a teenager to the training courses of the craft agent. Of the ten applicants to the final stage, only two came. Then the baptism was followed by the first operation, which required the elimination of the insidious billionaire, who was determined to cleanse the planet from superfluous people.

After successful accomplishment of the set goals, Eggsy became a full-time employee. He began to travel across countries, carrying out difficult tasks to eliminate world-wide threats. Despite the secrecy and the proper level of protection, a villain identified the location of the central office of the organization and destroyed it. Among the few survivors was Merlin, an old friend of the film’s hero “Kingsman: Golden Ring”.

Having united, the protagonists rushed to the United States to ask for help from their colleagues. The genius of the criminal world is not going to wait until the defeated agents come together with forces. He plans the next blow, which is far larger.

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Country: USA
Duration: 2h 21min
Quality: HD


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