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Game Night

Game Night Synopsis:

Max and Annie from the movie “Night Games” are very reckless. The love of rivalry, villages with friends for charades and all sorts of “guessing games”, arguments for interest and so on helped the couple’s relationships to develop. Married hobbies of spouses have not gone away: they still gather with their buddies in the evenings and have a good time.

The appearance of Brooks’s brother can spoil Max’s mood: they have been competing since childhood, and often the victory is on the side of a successful investor. At this time, Brooks tells Max and the company that he paid for the special company with a staged and very realistic detective story: one of those present would be kidnapped and the rest should find him. The one who opens the case will receive a cool car as a gift. Annie is going to help her husband finally defeat her brother, so she’s as serious as ever.

Unknowns burst into the house of Brooks and took away the owner, who called for help and fighting for quite a while. The heroes are impressed by the accuracy of what is happening, but do not suspect anything amiss. And the adventure promises to be not only interesting, but also dangerous…

Country: USA
Duration: 1h 40min 
Release:  15 February 2018

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