At the courtyard of 2045 The world is pouring on the brink of chaos, since most people simply survive without sufficient means to exist. To escape the unattractive reality, many spend time in the grandiose virtual game OASIS. It was created by the eccentric and brilliant billionaire James Halliday. After his death, he wasqueathing all his property (and it’s half a trillion dollars and power over the game) to the only player – to whoever first gets to the carefully hidden Easter egg. The whole world is now ready to fight for these incredible wealth. The usual boyfriend John Watts, who was almost immediately lucky to find the first key on the way to the egg, joins the competition. But now he has become a big villain for some organization that is planning to seize money for his own mercenary purposes. Wotts’ hunt will not only be in the virtual world of full references, dangers and incredible adrenaline …

Director: Steven Spielberg
Country: USA
Duration: 2h 20min
Quality: HD
Release:  29 March 2018


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